domingo, julio 23, 2006

Fantastic In Art & Fiction

In this page we can take a look at a catalogue which contains illustrations and designs from the past.You can see images of demons, macabre dances, bestiaries and monsters..

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Mr. Danger dijo...

I'm so pleased with the internationalization of this absurd blog. Nerdness must be shared amongst all civilizations so the use of English is a great idea in order to spread stupidity all arround the world.


Antares dijo...

mr. danger,
First of all, thanks for your nice and useless words..
There are two things which ever increase in the Universe:Entropy and stupidity.However, there are one exception to this rule:Meteorismo's moronness, which represents an absolute maximum.

Anónimo dijo...

¿Y de tó esto qué dice Loli Álvarez?

Fartman dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

Say yes to nerdness !!
No nerdness no gain !!
Nerdness is the limit !!