domingo, octubre 28, 2007

Japanese Old Photographs

In this beautiful page you can find japanese old photograpsh from the Bakumatsu-Meiji Period.Most of them were taken under the Meiji Dinasty, in XIX century.An amazing travel to the past..

Visiting Ceremony At Ozashiki

Daibutsu (the Great Buddha) of Kamakura

Mt. Fuji seen from Omiya

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Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

Interesting information, dear Antares, but, do you really believe that those Japanese stuff you talk about are of any interest to the bunch of morons that follow your blog (including me)? I’m sure not. And perhaps that’s the reason that moves you to continue writing this kind of things.

Long life to Antares!

Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

I demand a response to my interesting appreciations of the last post I made. I’m not going to tolerate this lack of sensibility to my effort in trying to maintain this blog alive.

I’ve said!

Antares dijo...


Your moronness is as high as your ability for being pedant.Anyway,it's always nice to see that there is at least one comment to my posts, and it's yours.
Long life to Tartar & Fart!

Jajaja dijo...

Ai laik dis fotos a lot. Dey ar very biutiful.

Ai biliv dis paich is goin to interest yu. It conteins fotos from the chainis sity of Chin-Chon.

Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

Chin-Chon is a marvelous Chinese city indeed. There you can eat extremely good Chinese blood sausages (very similar to the Spanish ones).

To reach that distant place, you have to take the Valencia Road and drive an hour or so. It’s wonderful how fast you can get there despite the great distance between Madrid and China.

Bocaseca dijo...


Hello, I'm Bocasecaman, your photos's village are very beautiful. One day, I will fly to Fuji, I eat one "candy's fish" for do it, if you wanna come, I've more "candy's fish"...