miércoles, abril 15, 2009


..Ladies and gentlemen, one of my favourite groups, fathers of electronic music, Die Mensch Maschine, Kraftwerk..

Trans Europe Express:

The Model:

Hall of Mirrors

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Valentín VN dijo...

They are not one of my favourite bands, but I sometimes listen to Autobahn and enjoy their vision of a new way of rock.

Antares dijo...

Wellcome again to my blog, Valentin VN, I enjoy good electronic music a lot..especially Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream..

Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

Hi, English-Antares!

As usual, I have nothing interesting to say about today’s subject, but I can’t let this opportunity of showing my nerdness pass by.

To show you how pedant and clever I am, I’ll tell you (although you’re not interested at all) that “kraftwerk” is a german word that means power station. Before I sought it on the dictionary, I thought it could mean craftsmanship, but I was wrong and I confess it publicly (I love to be considered a complete moron).

Well, I think it’s enough, so I say goodbye.

P.S.-Even in English, your subjects are bullshit, but I'm still your friend.