sábado, agosto 07, 2010

Best of Pink Floyd (II)

..Let's follow with Pink Floyd, Atom Heart Mother (1970) is a full symphonic album, just listen to it, an atemporal masterpiece..

Watch it at YouTube

Watch it at YouTube

Watch it at YouTube

I just only can say GREAT!!


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Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

You are determined to convince us that you’ve ever been a great fan of Pink Floyd, but I won’t let you cheat us. Your preferred music style from that early years was this.

The costumes of the dancers are also the ones that you used to wear during those remote years (marca-pack trousers of brilliant colours).

Viajero_Estelar dijo...

Well, I must recognize that, besides Pink Floyd, I used to watch big TV show "Aplauso", presented by great José Luis Uribarri and unforgettable José Luis Fradejas..
I remember I saw AC DC in that show, as well as Giorgio Aresu ballet..