jueves, agosto 05, 2010

Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii (I)

Ladies and gentlemen, my favourite rock band since I was a child, The Pink Floyd..
Here's the first part of the big film-concert Live at Pompeii, absolutely great..

One Of These Days


Watch it at YouTube

2 comentarios:

Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

I thought that your favorite “rock” band when you were a child was “Enrique y Ana” and, a little harder than them, “Parchis”. I don’t believe you liked Pink Floyd when you were a little boy. You liar!

Viajero_Estelar dijo...

How do you dare to say that?, I challenge you to a fart fight!..
I was called "Deep Purple" at school because I used to wear a Deep Purple pin..But I liked as well "Leño" when I was at Primary school, Rosendo is great!..