martes, octubre 10, 2006

Movie Posters

If you are interested in Movie Posters, from 1920 and on go to this page and you'll find lots of them..

The one below is Pyare Mohan(2006, India)..

And this one is U(2006, France):

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Jajaja dijo...

Guot kaind of films ar dis? Piare Moan, U? Güen ar yu goin tu lern? Espik abaut meinestrim muvis laik "Karate to dez in Towermoulins" or dis blog is goin to bicom in guan of dat cult güebs ju noubady visits.

Antares dijo...

Jajaja,yu ar rait, "Karate to dez in Torremolinos" is uan of de greitest muvis aif ever sin, espeziali bicos of "Jocántaro", the moster ju libs in Torremolinos bei..

Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

Ou! Dis is greit. Guat an excelent güey of raiting Inglish. Perjaps uan dey evriuan in de güerld güill ius dis metodoloyi tu impruv deir mastering of diferent langüichis.

Gritings for ol.

P.S.-Farts for ol of iu.