domingo, octubre 22, 2006

Skyscraper Pictures

In this page you can find lots of Skyscraper Pictures from 50 cities in 17 different countries on 4 different continents..
Here are two examples, first one, the beautiful skyline of Seattle:

The next one is Q1, Gold Coast City, Australia, the 19th tallest building in the world:

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Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

Antares, you seem to be an intellectual because you are capable of talking about anything and, as you and me know, you are a complete ignorant of almost all of that things you speak about.

Nevertheless, you differ from all other intellectuals in the fact that you are completely conscious of your moronnes and nerdness, and that is the thing I admire most from you (not the nerdness and moronnes but your humility admitting it).

And that is all I can say today because, despite of my mastering of the English language, I don’t feel as comfortable speaking it than speaking my beautiful mother tongue.

Farting greetings for all.


Antares dijo...


Your mastering of the english language is as high as your moronness.You should be a leader conducting your company to high profit and revenue..
As you know, stupidity and entropy always increase, we recognise our own part of it but many people think they are intelligent and intellectuals and they are complete morons..
Anyway, it's true that you feel more comfortable speaking your mother tongue, but it's funny to write posts in english as well, because some people think you are cultured and you say interesting things..
We know that our main interests are farting and poo-humor,long live to us and our farts!..

dosPorDía dijo...

El otro día estuve en una tienda donde vendían réplicas a escala de la torre Agbar de Barcelona.
(Eso sí, en varios colores y tamaños)

Jajaja dijo...

Una ex tenía una en color rosa que vibraba y todo. Ella me dijo que era porque simulaba las obras del metro.

Antares dijo...


Seguramente sería una reproducción de la famosa Torre "Dildo"..

Jajaja dijo...

¿Esa es la que van a hacer en el lugar de las Torres Gemelas?