viernes, enero 12, 2007

Friday's special: Sacha Baron Cohen

Hi folks!, it's Friday and we have an special post about one of the most irreverent and politically incorrect(fortunately!) comedians, Sacha Baron Cohen.He was born in England and he's famous mainly by the characters he plays in Da Ali G Show and Borat..

Here we can see Borat getting a German Comedy-Award..

This one is Borat new Myspace video..

And last, but not least, Borat at the Doctor..

3 comentarios:

Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

Long live to Borat!

His Kazakh journalist character is great. Before I knew Borat, I thought that no one could exceed in moronness to my great friend Antares.

LiquidFaeces dijo...

Yep, I've not doubt. If you're a nerd, this is your place.
Dweebs of the world, if you think your stupidity has no limit you must be here.

God save Sonia Monroy!

Antares dijo...

Meteorismo and LiquidFaeces, I'm proud of having moron and hilarious friends like you, we spread stupidity all over the world,long live to farts and burps!