martes, junio 19, 2007


Monstropedia is an interesting guide about all those beings which we both love and fear, ghouls, vampires, werewolfs..

..So be careful when you switch off the light and get into the darkness..

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Meteorismo galáctico dijo...

Dear Antares:

I’d like to know if fart-man is considered a monster or a hero. Is fart-man catalogued in Monstropedia? I would appreciate very much your help in this subject.

Greetings for all.

Jajaja dijo...

A bizarre site, I like it. Even so, Gatos en Carnaval is more comprehensive. I’ve been looking for Leticia Sabater in the Mostropedia and I haven’t found her.

Chris dijo...

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Regards, Chris
(Please can you delete this comment after your decision?)

Antares dijo...


Fart-Man is a real hero, he is in fact Hiro Nakamura, who farts same time as he warp space-time..


You're right, the absence of Leticia Sabater is an unforgivable mistake.I'll ask for her to be included as quick as Meteorismo farts his undies..

Bocaseca dijo...

Hello, my name is Bocaseca, and I have super powers like Nathan Petrelli, I am "fly-man", and I have a mortal blow which I call guachera`s attack.